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Melt Flow Indexer

Melt Flow Indexer

Melt flow indexer(MFI) are used for military uniforms, canvas, canvas, labor insurance products. The fabric fusing tester is designed for use in the determination of the heat-resistant properties of chemical fiber and blended fabrics to determine the effect of fabric resistance to melt treatment. This instrument is widely used in plastics raw material production plant, plastic products factory, petrochemical company and other industries as well as related colleges and universities, research institutes and quality inspection units.
Melt Flow Indexer conforms with GB/T9643, GB/T3682, JB/T5456, ISO1133 standards, and is designed in accordance with the GB/T3682-2000 and ASTM D1238-98 as well as JB/T5456, ISO1133 and similar standards for reference, used for determination of thermoplastics melt volume flow rate (MFR). The melt mass flow rate applies automatic sampling weighed by the balance; Then the volume flow rate is calculated according to the formula. The final result of the measurement is shown on the LCD screen of the instrument and output by the microtype printer.
Application Scope
Accuratemeasuring data, simple operation, intuitive and clear, stable and reliable performance. It is suitable for fluorine plastic, nylon and other engineering plastics,and it can also be applied to polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyformaldehyde (POM), polystyrene (PS)  ABS resin, polycarbonate plastic with lower melting temperature. It is widely used in plastic production, plastic products, petrochemical industry and related colleges and universities, scientific research units and commodity inspection organisation. 

ISO 1133,ASTM D1238,GB/T3682

1. The heating rate is fast and the overshoot is very small
2. High temperature accuracy
3. After packing, the thermostat can be restored quickly
4. Calibration of test parameters and correction of convenience
5. Manual and automatic cutting test method can be adopted
6. Liquid crystal display in Chinese
7. Equipped with printer, automatic printout of test results

Work Principle
The melt flow indexer is a plastic extruder. Under the specified temperature condition, the heat furnace is used to melt the measured objects. The measured objects in molten state is squeezed out through a certain diameter hole under the specified load. In plastic production, the melting index is used to indicate the physical properties of polymer materials  such as fluidity and viscosity in the melt state. The so-called melt mass flow rate is the 10 minutes extrusion weight converted from the average weight of the extruded samples from different parts.

Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Temperature range and accuracy 0 ℃ ~ 600 ℃, continuously adjustable, accuracy ± 1 ℃
Time accuracy 0.1s
Rush time 0 ~ 60s can be arbitrarily set
Steel ball specifications  ¢ 8mm, weight 21g
Power supply AC220V 50Hz 500W
Dimensions 440mm × 275mm × 350mm (length × width × height)
Weight About 45Kg

Standard test load (level 8) :
Level 1:0.325 kg= (piston rod + weight tray + heat shield +No.1 weight) =3.187N
Level 2:1.200 kg=(0.325+ 0.875 No.2 weight) =11.77 N
Level 3:2.160 kg=(0.325+ 1.835 No.3 weight) =21.18 N
Level 4:3.800 kg=(0.325+ 3.475 No.4 weight) =37.26 N
Level 5:5.000 kg=(0.325+ 4.675 No.5 weight) =49.03 N
Level 6:10.000 kg=(0.325+4.675 No.5  weight + 5.000 No.6 weight) =98.07 N
Level 7:12.500 kg=(0.325+ 4.675 No.5 weight + 5.000 No.6 weight+ 2.500 No.7 weight) =122.58 N
Level 8:21.600 kg= (0.325x 0.875  No.2 weight + 1.835 No.3 weight+ 3.475  No.4 weight+ 4.675 No.5 weight+5.000 No.6 weight+2.500 No.7 weight+  2.915 No.8 weight) =211.82 N
The relative deviation of test load is less than 0.5%.