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Water Vapor Permeation tester

Water Vapor Permeation tester

Water Vapor Permeation tester are manufactured & supplying using high grade raw material and contemporary technology in compliance with international standards. These instruments are highly used in various industries to measure the permeability of vapor.
 The basic principle is based on the law of diffusion.
F = -m [dp/dx]
F is the flow through the sample, [dp/dx] is the pressure gradient through the thickness of the sample, and M is the measurement of diffusion rate.
The instrument is designed to accurately measure pressure and flow rate. The sample room is empty, and the steam is kept under constant pressure on the side of the sample, and the pressure is increased on the other side of the sample. According to the pressure gradient, the data is used to calculate the steam penetration rate per unit area per unit area.
 Many applications of porous materials require very low vapor permeability through the material. These applications are found in many industries, including biotechnology, health care, pharmaceuticals, food, and packaging, environmental, and power box chemicals. The determination of the low current rate of the material used in these applications is an important condition for assessing the process.
Applicable industry:
Biotechnology & healthcare pharmaceutical paper
Non-woven fuel cell textiles
The sample chamber is maintained at a constant temperature for yielding reliable and reproducible data.
Fully automated
Very little operator involvement
Test time: Can be as little as a few minutes
Robust. Minimal maintenance
Measurable flow rate. As low as 10-4 cm3/s
Application test: water vapor permeability, gas permeability, diffusion permeability
Operating conditions: raise temperature, high pressure, many steam test
Non destructive
The automatic control
Technical Parameters 
Items Parameters
Pressure Range 0-100psi(others available)
Resolution 1/60000
Intrusion Volume Range 0-50cc(others available)
Intrusion Volume Resolution 0.01cc
Sample Size 1.5" diameter, 1" thick (others available)
Pore Size 1000 µm - 0.06 µm