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Absorption performance tester

Absorption performance tester

  Product Introduction:

  The absorption performance tester consists of a base, a frame, and an electronic stopwatch. The oil cylinder bracket and swing crank are installed on the frame seat in a rotatable manner. The liquid container is loosely attached to the oil cylinder bracket for easy replacement. The lid is installed on the oil cylinder bracket by a hinge and is elastically placed on the liquid container by a locking device. The initial tension of the spring can be adjusted to test different thicknesses of paper and cardboard.

  The instrument is suitable for the absorption performance of liquid media such as water, aqueous solutions, oil, varnish, and other liquid media at the top or bottom of paper, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard within a predetermined time.

  According to the standard:

  DIN EN 20535, ISO 535, CPPAF 2, APPITA/AS 1301.411, F.E.F.C.O No. 7, SCAN P12, SCAN P37, and TAPPI T 441.

  Technical parameters:

  Project parameters

  Reservoir inner diameter 112.8mm

  Reservoir height 44mm

  Maximum sample thickness 4

  Battery type R3; UM 4, 1.5 V

  Minimum range: 1 second

  Maximum: 19:59:59h

  Instrument weight 5.5kg

  The weight of the roller is 10kg