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Hydrostatic head tester: accurate and reliable results

Hydrostatic head tester: accurate and reliable results

Hydrostatic Head Tester is an instrument used to measure the hydrostatic head of a fabric or material. It is used to test the waterproofness of a fabric or material. The test is performed by immersing a sample of the fabric or material in a water tank and then measuring the height of the water column above the sample before it starts to leak.

What is Hydrostatic Head Test

Hydrostatic Head is a way of measuring how waterproof a fabric is , expressed in millimeters or inches of a particular liquid. It is commonly used to measure the waterproofing or water-resistance of fabrics and textiles.

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Your product application will define your target hydrostatic pressure. To provide some context, the lower a hydrostatic pressure measurement the more easily water can penetrate under pressure.

For example, hydrostatic pressure is important in outdoor applications, such as tent groundsheets, because a groundsheet needs a high resistance to water penetration; especially when placed on saturated ground.

When pressure is applied to the ground sheet by people standing, sitting or sleeping on it, water could then be forced through.

Failure in this area would mean anything in contact with the groundsheet will become wet.

Similarly a performance garment claiming waterproof properties, would need a high hydrostatic head value to demonstrate its defence-ability against driving wind, rain and other physical factors. 

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The Hydrostatic Head Tester is manufactured using the following components:

Testing Head: 100cm² (Ø112.8mm when used without the Adaptor Rings)

Testing Head: Area of Ø75mm diameter (when used with the Adaptor Rings)

High Pressure Gauge: 0 – 600 kPa

Low Pressure Gauge: 0 – 60 kPa

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