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Fully Automatic Non-woven Fabric Air Permeability Tester

Fully Automatic Non-woven Fabric Air Permeability Tester

Fully Automatic Non-woven Fabric air Permeability Tester Sponge Textile air Permeability Tester Suitable for testing the breathability of various textiles, industrial fabrics and non-woven products, filters, industrial filter cloth (paper), microporous filter membrane, paper blankets, nonwoven fabrics, coated fabrics and other breathable leather, plastic and other chemical products.

Air permeability also can be used to provide an indication of the breathability of weather-resistant and rainproof fabrics, or of coated fabrics in general, and to detect changes during the manufacturing process. In specialty, industrial and military applications, it can play a vital role in protection. In every market, satisfying the demands of consumers and producers requires ways to accurately and repeatably test material air flow.

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To determine the resistance of fabrics (woven, knitted and nonwoven textile materials) to the passage of air (air flow) under constant pre-set air pressure while firmly clamped in the test rig of selected test head/area.

Fully Automatic Fabric Air Permeability Tester

ASTM D737, ASTM D3574, AFNORG07-111, BS5636, DIN53887, EDANA140.1, EN ISO 7231, EN ISO 9237, JIS L1096-A, TAPPI T251 and so on.

Fully Automatic Fabric Air Permeability Tester


1. More excellent anti-jamming, more excellent stability, more rapid data transference speed. 

2. Adopt microcomputer control system, branded high accuracy pressure sensor, digital feedback and adjust air volume.

3. Automatic orifice plate replacement, no manual replacement

4. Automatic follow, measure and display pressure difference of each point with high stability and repeatability.

5. All plates have been calibrated by-point in full testing range to let test data more accuracy.

6. All test data is displayed by large high-definition large color touch screen displayer, no need to calculate test result by hands.

7. Automatic converse air permeability rate and air permeability volume to improve test efficiency.

8. Large touch screen displayer and controller.

9. Equipped with the inner printer, test report can be printed anywhere. 

10. With the function of saving data when power-down.

11.Professional software support to output results to PC.