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What is the breaking strength of ASTM D751?

What is the breaking strength of ASTM D751?

ASTM D751 is a standard test method for measuring the breaking strength and elongation of textile fabrics. However, it does not specify a specific breaking strength value. Instead, it provides a procedure for conducting the test and calculating the breaking strength based on the obtained data.

In ASTM D751, the breaking strength is determined by subjecting a fabric sample to a controlled tensile load until it breaks. The test involves gripping the fabric specimen securely in a testing machine and applying a steadily increasing force until the fabric ruptures. The force at which the fabric breaks is recorded, and the breaking strength is calculated by dividing this force by the width or thickness of the specimen.

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The breaking strength value obtained from ASTM D751 will depend on the specific fabric being tested. Different types of fabrics will have different breaking strengths based on their composition, construction, and intended application. The breaking strength of fabrics can vary widely, ranging from a few hundred Newtons to several thousand Newtons.

To determine the breaking strength of a specific fabric according to ASTM D751, the fabric should be tested using the prescribed procedure in the standard. The breaking strength value obtained from the test can then be used to evaluate the fabric's performance and suitability for its intended application.