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How is fabric breaking strength determined?

How is fabric breaking strength determined?

The breaking strength of the fabric refers to the maximum force that the fabric can withstand when it is torn or broken under force. This is an important performance indicator that is closely related to the strength, durability and quality of the fabric. Determination of the breaking strength of fabrics can be carried out by the following methods:

1. Grab Test (Grab Test): This is one of the most commonly used methods for determining the breaking strength of fabrics. In this test, using a special grip (Grip) machine, the fabric sample is clamped between two clamps, and the force is gradually applied to stretch the fabric until the fabric breaks. During the test, the applied force and the change of fabric stretching are recorded, and finally the breaking strength of the fabric is obtained.

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2. Single yarn breaking strength test: In some cases, it is also necessary to evaluate the individual strength of the fabric or yarn. This can be done by clamping a yarn sample on a testing machine and applying tension at a controlled speed until the yarn breaks. Then, by recording the force applied before the yarn breaks, the breaking strength of the yarn is calculated. This value can be used to assess the quality and suitability of the yarn.

3. Balanced tear strength test (Trapezoidal Tear Test): This test method is used to determine the tear resistance of fabrics under vertical tension. The test uses special grips to clamp a sample with a crack, which causes the fabric to tear along the crack when a controlled force is applied. By recording the force applied and the extension of the tear, the equilibrium tear strength of the fabric can be calculated.

4. Burst Strength Test (Burst Strength Test): This test method is used to determine the resistance of fabrics to rupture when subjected to internal pressure. In the test, fabric samples are clamped under special sustained loads that create internal pressure until the fabric bursts. By calculating the applied pressure, the bursting strength of the fabric can be obtained.

These test methods are usually provided by standardization bodies (such as ASTM, ISO) with specific test standards and procedures. Through these tests, the quality, durability and suitability of the fabric can be evaluated, and then the suitable fabric type can be selected in different application fields. When testing fabric breaking strength, it is recommended to use professional testing equipment and testing methods that meet relevant standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test.