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Shoe Slip Resistance Tester

Shoe Slip Resistance Tester

Brief Introduction
The shoe slip testing machine after extensive biomechanical research to develop, test a variety of the most slippery situations you might encounter when walking imitation.
When normal walking, because you want to lift the foot, so the ground heel first and last toes touch the ground.

Product Description
Just lift the heel, and the toes are not off the ground at the moment, half of your body weight all the pressure on the toes, then the most likely to slip. The test equipment on shoes / sole and slip resistance between the floors.
Equipment supplied standard, calibrated ground. Other types of ground can also be used in conjunction with the tester, but must be ordered separately.
 As long as it can be connected to the tester, almost all of the ground can be used on the tester.
The unique design of the tester can be measured against the standard ground shoes slip resistance, sole materials can also be measured against a standard anti-skid flooring material.

Technical Parameter
The tester is equipped with a special design of the control and data acquisition system, to provide users with the friction coefficient of each specimen.
To obtain this result by closely controlling the various forces involved in the test, these forces include the speed of movement provided by the variable speed motor.
In order to ensure the strength and speed of movement during the test to maintain the required, the controller and the tester provides a unique circuit design.