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Waterproof testing machine

Waterproof testing machine

 The machine according to IEC 60529 IP code protection class production. From IP X 1 ~ IP X 9K combination or according to customer product features grade classification production. Test range includes all electrical and electronic, defense industry, vehicle industry, outdoor lighting and more.
 IP X 1, IP X 2 drip pots using suction device to ensure that the operator will not be water droplets to provide complete protection of the safety of the operator.
IP X 3, IP X 4 swing tube stepper motor drive, precise angle, swing speed can be set and adjusted in each group nozzles begin turntable center of radiation, the test is completed automatically compressed air to clean water stains.
IP X 5, IP X 6 original nozzles, water column of non-proliferation, along with the angle adjustment device.
IP X 7, IP X 8 automatic lifting water feature.
IP X 9K (DIN) German original high-pressure pump, jet heating device.

MODEL ITEM TMJ-9710C IEC 60529, DIN 40050
INSIDE DIMENSION 1300x1200x1800(WxDxH)mm
OUTSIDE DIMENSION 1700x1250x2200(WxDxH)mm
WATER FLOW RATE IP X 1 Within1~1.5 mm/min (in dripping box)
IP X 2 Within3~3.5 mm/min (in dripping box)
IP X 3 At angle of±60° 0.07 L/min per Nozzle
IP X 4 At angle of±180° 0.07 L/min per Nozzle
IP X 5 12.5 L/min
IP X 6 100 L/min
TUBE RADIUS 200~1000 mm (for IP X 3、IP X 4 only)
POWER CONSUMPTION 220V 3φ 4W / 380V 3φ 5W