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Computer Controlled Electronic Fabric Tensile Strength Tester 100kn

Computer Controlled Electronic Fabric Tensile Strength Tester 100kn

1. Application
This testing machines is equipped with computer, printer, and general test software, to give an accurate determination of metal the material tensile strength, yield strength, the provisions of non-proportional extension strength, elongation, elastic modulus mechanical properties. Test results can print (force - displacement, force - deformation, stress - displacement, stress - deformation, force - time distortion - time) six kinds of curves and related test data, with the software self-test function that can self-diagnose problems. It is ideal testing equipment for the industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, universities, engineering quality supervision station. They are perfect testing instrument project quality testing section, universities and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining. 

2. Test capability of machine and relevant Standard:
ASTM E8 - 16 Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials
ISO 6892-1 Materials --tensile testing
ASTM A370-05 Standard Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of steel products

3. Main Technical Parameters:

Max. load force100KN
Crosshead Travel1000mm
Effective tensile space750mm
Effective Test width500mm
Crossbeam travel speed0.001-500mm/min


Testing SpecificationUTM-100
Load accuracyClass 1  (class 0.5 optional)
Load range1%-100%FS  (0.4%-100%FS optional)
Load resolution1/300000
Deformation Measurement Range0.2%~100%FS
Deformation accuracy≤±1%  (≤±0.5% optional)
Deformation resolution1/500000
Load control speed0.01~50 kN/s
Deformation control speed0.002~0.5mm/s


Control SpecificationUTM-100
Stress rate0.005%~5%FS/s
Stress rate accuracy rangeWhen rate < 0.05% FS/s, the precision± 2%
When rate ≥ 0.005%FS/s, the precision ±0.5%
Deformation rate0.005%~5%FS/s
Deformation rate accuracy rangeWhen rate < 0.05% FS/s, the precision± 1%
When rate ≥ 0.005%FS/s, the precision ±0.5%
Displacement control accuracy±0.5%
Constant load, deformation and displacement control0.5%~100%FS
Constant load, deformation and displacement control accuracyPreset value≥10%FN, within the ±0.1% of preset value;
Preset value<10%FN, within the ±1% of preset value


Clamping SpecificationsUTM-100
Tensile gripManual Wedge Fixture
Round specimen clamping rangeΦ4-9mm,9-14, (14-20mm optional)
Flat specimen clamping range0-7mm, 7-14, (14-20mm optional)
Compression PlateΦ100x100 mm
Bending fixture3 point bending fixture (optional)
Electronic Extensometer for metal materialYUU10/50 (optional)
Large deformation extensometer for rubberDBX-800 (optional)

4. Main Unit Feature:
4.1 Rigid floor-standing frame loading structure with upper space for tensile and lower one for compression and bending test
4.2 Precise ball screws withstand the whole loading with long-life use and compact layout.
4.3 Speed control system is set under the table and comprises the synchronous toothed belt and pulley for high-efficient transmission, which are featured with low noise and maintenance free.
4.4 Fixed crossbeam as upper ones, and sits above the frame and with middle crossbeam as loading beam with smooth travel when testing . The high-accuracy sensor is installed below the crossbeam.
4.5 Load automatic withstanding,, stress, strain control, cycle control and self programming.
4.6 High precision load sensor for guarantee accurate and stable measure
4.7 Wide crossbeam travel speed from 0.05 ~ 500mm / min
4.8 Overload protection: as test force exceeds 2%-5% of the maximum test force of each file, overload protection, it will stop. 

5. Components Supply list
ItemMain bodyMaterial
1Upper beam1set
2Cross beam1 set
3High precision screw ball2 sets
5Servo motorTaiwan TECO Brand (Japan Panasonic Brand optional)
6Load sensorChina Brand  (America Transcell Brand optional)
7ReducersTaiwan Brand
8Synchronous beltChina Brand 1PC
9ComputerLenovo, 1PC with LCD screen and all new
10PrinterHPA4 color ink-jet printer, 1PC
1Manual Wedge Tensile fixture 
(hydraulic automatic clamping fixtures optional)
1 set
2Round Jaws Φ4-9mm,9-14, (14-20mm optional)
Flat Jaws: 0-7mm, 7-14, (14-20mm optional)
2 sets
3Compression Plate1 set
43 point bending fixture (optional)1 set

6. Data Acquisition system
61. The data acquisition system of machine consists of two high precision A/D conversion channel and the maximum resolution should be 1/300000 (minimum)
6.2. USB powered data -logger with USB 2.0 and RS- 232 pc interface, 5-keys joystick, 2MB RAM, Automatic recognition facility, Internal signal generator and 12-bit conversion resolution

7. Software
7.1 Batch and report processing program facility in doc and exl format
7.2 The software is fully compliance with the corresponding international standards like ISO, ASTM and GB standards