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Salt Water Spray Tester with ASTM and ISO

Salt Water Spray Tester with ASTM and ISO

The salt spray test chamber uses salt spray corrosion method to detect the reliability of the corrosion resistance for the tested samples,Salt fog refers to the dispersion system composed of tiny droplets of salt in the atmosphere. It is one of the instrument for three kinds of artificial environmental protection (Moist heat,salt mist,bacteria)Many companies need to test out the destructive effect on the products by simulate marine climate,that why comes out the salt spray testing chamber.The machine can be classified as neutral salt and acid salt.the difference is based on the testing standards and testing method.respectively called "NSS" and "CASS" testing.

This product meets the standards of CNS,ASTM,JIS, ISO ,etc.The salt spray test is to test the corrosion resistance of the surface of various materials after coating, electroplating, anodizing, anti-rust oil and other anti-corrosion treatment.



CNS3627,3885,4159,7669,8886,JISD-0201,H-8502,H-8610,K-5400,Z-2371,ISO 3768,3769,3770,ASTMB-117,B-268,GB-T2423,GJB 150



1:5MM imported gray and white impact resistant P.V.C board, high temperature resistance up to 85°C, corrosion resistance.

2:Support shelf:φ10MM glass fiber rod, corrosion resistance.Plastic-steel V-shaped brackets and fiber rods is placed at an angle to ensure that the test object is inclined at 15-30 degrees.

3:Pressure bucket adopts seamless welding by 2.0MM SUS304 stainless steel plate.

4:Using titanium alloy heating tube for heat generation, long service life, high corrosion resistance.

5:The cover is made up of 5MM imported transparent (Germany YLIS) acrylic board. Fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, high transparency.


Maintenance Procedure

1. Ensure the test quality, please replace the glass nozzle periodically within 4500 hours.

2. Clean the inner of the chamber and release the water in heat sink if a longer time interval from the next test.

  • Release the water from heat sink: Open the drain value.
  • Release the water from isolation tank: Pulled up the middle silicone plug.
  • Release the water from preheat tank: Pull out the internal silicone plug.

3. Don't use the salt solution if unused for a week, avoid affecting the test quality.

4. Change the heat sink water if the test period over one month.



Interior dimensions(mm)L*W*H600*450*400900*600*5001200*1000*6001600*1000*6002000*1000*600
Exterior dimensions(mm)L*W*H1060*580*10501400*850*12001950*1250*14002300*1250*15002700*1250*1500
Control system1.Adopt Japan IEC high-speed CPU, stable performance, safety and reliability
2.LED digital tube displaying, humanization interface, all information is clear at a glance.
3.Multi-fault warning protection system, anti-dry heating, anti-overheating
4.High-power SSR output, imported sterling silver relay contacts, with a service life to 106.
5.Multiple time modes, S, M,H can be switched as required.

6.Multi-control mode for continuous/discontinuous/manual/automatic testing.
7.With manual/automatic demist mode to ensure that the salt mist can't be leaked, so as to avoid corrosion of the laboratory.
8.Hidden correction method to ensure absolute temperature is under control.


Replenishing system

Automatic/manual water charging system, with the function of automatic/manual replenishment when the water level is insufficient. The experiment will be not interrupted which can be met the diverse environmental requirements for users (Automatic water replenishment only needs to be connected with water pipe).
Heating modeDirect steam heating.it has the feature of quick heating speed, uniform temperature distribution, and less stand-by time.
Controlling modeTouch controlling standard operation. With full detection fault pre-warning system. Lights up when fault occurs. Built-in manual defogging function, can be placed or viewed during the experiment to remove the experimental accumulation of salt spray.
Safety protection device

With double over-temperature protection (Italian KGB), the heating power can be switched off automatically in the event of temperature control meter fault or a heating system fault. Avoid overheating damage on the instrument.

Double low water level protection to prevent dry burning damage on the heat pipe of laboratory and pressure bucket

With overload short circuit protection. To prevent damage on the instrument and internal electronic control accessories when an exception occurs. (Equip the low salt level warning of the brine bucket when doing experiment to avoid experimental abnormalities after the brine is finished)

Dosage barrelBuilt-in fog collection bucket. Compared to the traditional external type, it is less likely to be damaged.
NozzlePrecision quartz glass nozzle. Using 4000 hours without crystallizing can be guaranteed.The spray tower is equipped with a conical dispersive device, which has the functions of guiding fog, adjusting the amount of fog, and evenly falling fog.
Sealing methodThe inside and outside box is connected to the sealing groove, using water sealing. avoid salt spray leakage.
Temperature range

1: Laboratory temperature: 35°C--50°C (can be set arbitrarily)

2: Pressure bucket temperature:47°C--63°C (can be set arbitrarily)

Heating rate

1: Laboratory, room temperature---→35°C about 35 minutes

2:Pressure bucket, room temperature----→47°C about 15 minutes

Temperature accuracy±1°C

60/90 model AC220V 50HZ 15A 120 and more models AC220V 50HZ 20A

This machine is suitable for neutral salt spray test (NSS) and corrosion test (AASS,CASS)

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