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What is a pilling tester, and how is it used in textiles testing?

What is a pilling tester, and how is it used in textiles testing?

If you work in the textiles industry, you may have heard of a pilling tester. But what is it, and how is it used in textiles testing? In this blog post, we will explain what pilling is, why it is important to test for it, and how a pilling tester can help you achieve better quality and customer satisfaction.


Pilling is a phenomenon that occurs when fibers on the surface of a fabric form small balls or pills due to friction or wear. Pilling can affect the appearance, comfort, and durability of a fabric, and it is often considered a sign of poor quality. Pilling can occur on any type of fabric, but it is more common on synthetic fabrics or blends.

To test for pilling, a pilling tester is used. A pilling tester is a device that simulates the conditions that cause pilling on a fabric, such as rubbing, washing, or abrasion. A pilling tester can have different methods of applying these conditions, such as using rotating cylinders, circular plates, or brushes. The fabric samples are subjected to a certain number of cycles or time under these conditions, and then they are evaluated for the degree of pilling.


The evaluation of pilling can be done visually or objectively. Visual evaluation involves comparing the fabric samples with standard photographs or rating scales that show different levels of pilling. Objective evaluation involves using instruments that measure the surface characteristics of the fabric samples, such as fuzziness, roughness, or color change.

A pilling tester can help you improve your textiles quality and customer satisfaction by allowing you to identify and eliminate the factors that cause pilling on your fabrics. By testing your fabrics for pilling before they reach the market, you can ensure that they meet the expectations and standards of your customers and avoid complaints and returns. A pilling tester can also help you compare different fabrics or treatments and select the best ones for your products.