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What are the advantages of using meltblown nonwoven fabric?

What are the advantages of using meltblown nonwoven fabric?

Meltblown nonwoven fabric is a fine fiber made of polypropylene or other thermoplastic resin that is sprayed onto a collection device by a high-temperature, high-pressure air stream to form a thin, uniform layer of mesh. meltblown nonwoven fabric has several advantages:


- Lightweight, breathable and soft, it fits comfortably to the skin and does not cause allergies or irritation.

- Efficient filtration, isolation, adsorption, can block bacteria, dust, liquid and other harmful substances, to protect human health.

- Water, oil, corrosion and high temperature resistant, suitable for a variety of harsh environments, not easily deformed or damaged.

- Environmentally friendly, degradable and recyclable, will not cause waste of resources or environmental pollution.

meltblown nonwoven fabric is widely used in medical and health care, personal care, industrial filtration, agricultural protection and other fields, and is a high-performance, low-cost, multifunctional material.