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Tensile testing machine and universal testing machine maintenance methods

Tensile testing machine and universal testing machine maintenance methods

Tensile testing machines and universal testing machines are commonly used equipment for testing the mechanical properties of materials, but in the process of use may encounter some common problems. Here are some maintenance methods and precautions:

1. electrical failure:

- First, check whether the power cord is firmly connected and whether the plug is normally inserted into the socket.

- Check whether the power switch of the instrument is turned on, and whether the power indicator on the panel of the instrument is on.

- If the instrument does not respond, the power cord or power module may be faulty and need to be replaced or repaired.

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2. mechanical failure:

- If abnormal noise or vibration occurs during the working process of the tensile testing machine or universal testing machine, first check whether there are debris or foreign objects inside the machine, clean and repair.

- Check the transmission parts of the machine, such as belts, chains, gears, etc., whether they are loose or worn, need to be tightened or replaced.

- If the movement of the machine is not smooth or accurate, it may be a problem with the guide rail, slider or sensor, which needs to be adjusted or replaced.

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3. Control system failure:

- If the control panel of the instrument can not be operated normally or the display is abnormal, first check whether there is debris or moisture into the control panel, clean and dry.

- Check whether the connecting wire of the control system is loose or damaged, need to be reconnected or replaced.

- If the control program of the instrument has errors or fails to operate, it may be a software or firmware problem that needs to be reinstalled or upgraded.

When performing repairs and maintenance, be sure to follow the precautions below:

- Make sure that the instrument is disconnected from the power supply and that there is no residual current before performing any repairs or maintenance.

- Use the correct tools and equipment for the repair, following the instructions in the operation manual.

- If you encounter unsolvable problems or need to replace parts, it is recommended that you contact a service professional or equipment supplier for further support and service.

The above are some common methods and considerations for repairing tensile testing machines and universal testing machines, and we hope they will be helpful to you. If you have more specific questions or needs, please provide more details for more accurate advice.