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Multifunctional Scratch Resistant Instrument

Multifunctional Scratch Resistant Instrument

Multi Finger Scratch/Mar Tester uses tungsten carbide as a scratch to accurately detect surface damage caused by unconventional physical forms (such as scraping, grasping, planning etc). It can be used to detect the wear resistance of plastic parts in automobile interior and exterior trim, and can also be used for the testing of hard material wear, paint, ink, soft metal, oil carpet and other materials.
The test sample is fixed on a compressed air driven test platform. Five independent shaft scraping fingers that can be replaced with different weights and optional scraping fingers, constant vertical acting on the test sample surface. The scraper is mounted on a hard bench, and the operator can hold the specified scraper in a balanced position by means of a bracket so that the irregularly sized sample can also be tested.

Multi-Functional Scratch Tester is suitable for testing automotive interior materials, plastic, rubber, leather, coated fabric, coating materials, composite materials, paint, ink, soft metal and other industries, and widely used in product quality control, new product development performance verification, detection mechanism test and other fields.

Instrument features:
1. The instrument consists of the motor drive mechanism, scraping components, sample clamping fixtures and other components.
2. Scratch components include scraper brackets, scraping fingers, Scratches positioning sleeve, presses device (weights and weight support bars).
3. The instrument can be free to install, replace, disassemble different specifications of the scraping fingers. it also can impliments uniform speed unidirectional straight line scratch movement under different load .
4. The instrument that adopts embedded systems, man-machine interface operation automatically controls the test process . The use of precision servo motor, ball screw drive has a decisive role in controlling the scratch speed accuracy under the relevant standards .
5. The instrument uses tungsten carbide material to make scraping finger for increasing the instrument life.
6.The instrument  which uses aluminum and stainless steel is appearance concisely、 lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

 PV 3952 Plastic interior parts scratch resistance test
Ford BN 108-03,13 Scratch resistance test
BMW 0180, PA-P 028 Scratch resistance test (Cross-cut  method)
BMW GS 97034-9, PA 0015 Scratch resistance test
DAF KEUR 00824-401 Scratch resistance test (Cross-cut method)
DAF KEUR 00824-402 Scratch resistance test
GME 60401 Scratch resistance test (Cross-cut  method)
GM 14829 Scratch resistance test (Cross-cut  method)
Jaguar-Landrover TPJLR.52.004 Scratch resistance test
GM N 3943 Scratch resistance and scratches for plastics - Five fingers test
LP 463DD-18-01 Scratch resistance and scratches for plastics - Five fingers test
GMW 14130,14688 Scratch resistance test
8350Z-SDA-9000 Scratch resistance test
NES M M0159 Polypropylene interior parts scratch resistance test

Technical Parameters:

Items Parameters
Test partition Finger / plastic finger scratch test
Stroke range 10-200mm
Speed range 10-200mm/s
Speed buffer 10±1mm
Scratch pressure 2N,3N,5N,7N,8N,10N,12N,15N,20N (Optional)
100 cross-cut scratches moving distance 0.5mm-2mm(Below 2mm should be equipped with a special scratch)
Scratch head material Stainless steel; tungsten carbide (optional)
Scratch head diameter 0.5mm、0.75mm、1mm(Erichsen318)、3mm、5mm、7mm
Plastic finger (optional) Poly (PMMA); diameter 16 mm, thickness 1 mm, edge radius 0.5 mm, hardness shore D85.