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Protective Clothing Vertical Flame Spread Tester

Protective Clothing Vertical Flame Spread Tester

Protective clothing flame spread tester is made according to ISO 15025 standard. It can test the flame spread state under the small flame .
It is  used to simulate the protective clothing is at the risk of ignition to assume the flame spread performance . 
It is also suitable for the fabric material or other similar functional use of combustible materials .
The instrument is applied for the testing of fire hazard using com-bustible materials, like fabric or other similar functional materials.
BS EN ISO 15025:2002  
Technical Parameters:            
Dimension:1200mm X 600mmx 1200mm
Timer accuracy :0.1s
Power supply :220v,50/60Hz
1. The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel; nice, corrosion-resistant;Dimension: 1200mm X 600mmx 1200mm
2. All sample holder is made of stainless steel manufacturing,corrosion resistance;
3. Standard burner; flame height level 25mm ± 2mm; vertical 40mm ± 2mm; nozzle opening 0.19mm;
4. The time is automatically recorded, automatic storage; timer accuracy 0.1s;
5. PLC with touch screen control system; to achieve more intelligent test; automatically record test data, automatic storage;
6. Imported brands gauge and control valve, the gas pressure is more stable;
7.Imported needle valve, precise control of the flame height; flame is more stable;
8.High intelligence, simple operation, easy to operate;
9.With the bottom surface of the combustion and combustion of two sample holder; made of stainless steel;
10.Automatic ignition system, automatically turns off;
11.Equipped with a flame height gauge;
12.Pulsed high voltage electronic automatic ignition.
13.Timing button with the PLC automatically record storage combustion time-consuming.
14.Without holding the stopwatch or timer manuscript; the system automatically records the test of time, and generate test reports;
15.The test time and time plus a touch screen can be set to fire. Meet a variety of test standards;
16.Surface combustion and bottom surface combustion burner test program on the touch screen can be switched.
Protective Clothing Vertical Flame Spread Tester