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Mask Flame Retardant Tester

Mask Flame Retardant Tester

The flame-retardant tester of medical mask is used to test the flame-retardant performance of the mask when it is accidentally contacted by flame, which is directly related to the safety of medical staff. The flame retardancy of mask is one of the important physical indexes to measure the quality of medical mask.
Mask Flame Retardant Tester is a special test instrument for flame retardant performance of medical masks,  to test the flammability performance of medical mask after contacting with flame at a certain linear speed.
GB 19083, YY 0469, GB 2626, EN 149, IS 9473, EN 14325
PLC + touch screen control system makes the test more convenient, operated and visualized;
The mask clamp is a metal human head mold, which can fully simulate the actual use state of the mask.
Burner height is adjustable.
Automatic timing and positioning of burner.
Combustion time and flame retardant time are recorded automatically and displayed digitally
Equipped with flame temperature measuring probe and flame temperature display.
Automatic control system, automatic ignition
The burner is equipped with LPG interface
Automatic timing, automatic storage of test data
Test mode: Automatic
Burner timing: 0~9999.9s
Automatic linear velocity of head mould: (60±5)mm/s
Distance between the top of burner and the lowest point of mask: (20±2)mm
Flame height: 40±4mm
Temperature of flame at a height of (20 ± 2) mm from the top of burner: (800 ±50)℃
Temperature sensor: Thermocouple detection
Burner height adjustment range: 30mm
Metal die wall thickness: 2 ~ 3mm, flame resistant and flame resistant
Weight: 65kgs
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Appearance size: 810mm * 510mm * 870mm
Mask Flame Retardant Tester