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ISO13934 ISO13935 Fabric Breaking Strength Tester

ISO13934 ISO13935 Fabric Breaking Strength Tester

A fabric breaking strength tester, also known as a fabric tensile strength tester, is a machine that tests the strength of fabric. For various textiles with test items: Tensile(stretching), tearing, bursting, constant extension, constant load, elastic, seam slippage, peel

ISO13934, ISO13935, ISO13936, ISO13937, ISO4606, ISO9073
ASTM D5034, ASTM D5035, ASTM D2261, ASTM D4964, ASTM D5587, ASTM D6614, ASTM D3936

1. The sampling frequency is up to 2000 times/second.
2. Higher power motor and advanced servo control drive system, higher reliability.
3. Modular design, support online communication and bidirectional control.
4. The device is equipped with a thermal printer, which can quickly output the test results.
5. The instrument adopts ball screw with accuracy grade C5
6. Precise guides for excellent alignment and bending
7. The seventh generation digital signal processing (DSP) control technology based on embedded system
8. Powerful, easy-to-use computer control software
9. Equipped with an independent color touch screen controller, easy to move or installed on the rack, any suitable position, display the working state of the machine, and provide the required positioning, jogging, mobile driving and other operation controls during the test control process.

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Technical Parameters:

Working modemicrocomputer control, dual display, print report and curve, online communication
Integrated sampling rate2000 times/second
Measuring range500N,1000N,2500N, 5000N (optional)
Force range1% ~ 100%
Measuring accuracy≤ ± 0.2% F.S
Sample modeManual and pneumatic
Tensile speed(0.01~1000)mm/min
Effective stroke800mm
Elongation resolution0.01mm
Gantry Width400mm
PowerAc220V ± 10% 50Hz
Dimensions855 × 455 × 1750mm (L × W × H)