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Fabric Negative-ion Concentration Tester

Fabric Negative-ion Concentration Tester

Product Details:
The negative ion generation tester is mainly used to detect the negative ion generation of textiles, and evaluate the negative ion generation capacity.
1. Inhalation method was used to collect air ions with collect ions mobility ratio more than 0.15 (cm2 / v · s).
2. Measuring range:  1: 0~20,000 /cm3
                     2: 0~200,000 /cm3
                     3: 0~2,000,000 /cm3
3. Resolution: 10/cm3.
4. Interior size of test case:  (300 ±2)mm ×(560 ±2)mm ×(210±2)mm.
5. The upper static friction disk: φ(100±0.5)mm, thickness: 4mm, apply the downward pressure: (7.5±0.2)N.
6. The lower kinetic friction disk: φ200±0.5)mm, thickness: 4mm, rotation speed: (93±1)r/min, (adjustable).
7. Power: AC220V±10%V, 50Hz 300W.
 8. Dimension: 63cm×320cm×47cm(L×W×H)(without computer ).
GB/T 30128-2013 Textiles—Testing and evaluation for negative-ion concentration;
Computer:  One brand computer with related operating software.
Fabric Negative-ion Concentration Tester