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What is a zipper tensile strength test?

What is a zipper tensile strength test?

The zipper tensile strength test is a test method to test how much force a zipper can withstand during stretching without breaking or deforming. This test is often used in the production of clothing, bags, shoes, etc. to ensure that the quality of the zipper is up to standard.

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The test method is usually to fix the zipper on the testing machine, gradually apply the pulling force until the zipper breaks or deforms, and record the maximum bearing force. The results of a zipper tensile strength test are usually expressed in terms of force per unit length, such as force per inch. In the test, the zipper sample is clamped between two clamps, and then its tensile strength is tested by gradually increasing the pulling force applied to the zipper sample.

The purpose of this test is to determine how much force a sample zipper can withstand when stretched, and to what extent the zipper will break. Test results can be used to evaluate the quality and durability of zipper products, and help manufacturers determine whether the material and construction of zippers meet specifications and standards.

Zipper tensile strength testing usually complies with international standards, such as ISO 13934-1, ASTM D2061, etc., to ensure the accuracy and comparability of test results.