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Calibration procedure of abrasion tester

Calibration procedure of abrasion tester

Abrasion tester is suitable for wear resistance test of cloth, paper, paint, plywood, leather, floor tiles, glass, natural rubber and other materials. Abrasion testing machine puts a rotating sample against a pair of abrasive wheels, and applies a specified load. When the sample rotates, it drives the abrasive wheel to wear the sample.

Calibration steps:

(1) In one step, set the rated revolution of the counter to 60r/min; in the second step, press the RST key, and the counter is cleared; in the third step, press the start key, and start the stopwatch timing at the same time; in the fourth step, the counter records When it reaches 60 revolutions, the testing machine will automatically stop and stop the stopwatch to record the time; the fifth step is to record the stopwatch time; repeat the second to fifth steps above, and the two times should be within the range of 60s±2s.

Taber Rotary Abraser

(2) Use an electronic scale to weigh the masses of 2509 weights, 5009 weights, 7509 weights and 10009 weights respectively. The weight of 2509 should be 2509+lg; the weight of 5009 should be 5009±29 ;The mass of the weight of 7509 should be 7509+29; the mass of the weight of 10009 should be 10009±29; until required.

Technical characteristics of wear-resistant testing machine:

The instrument is designed in strict accordance with the standard, effectively ensuring the accuracy of the test data

The system adopts microcomputer control, with PVC operation panel, membrane key switch and LCD display, which is convenient for users to quickly and conveniently carry out test operation and data viewing

The built-in standard friction table ensures a uniform friction area, and the friction process is completely silent

The unique design of power-down memory provides users with a perfect data operation environment

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