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FR-3261 Mask Breathing Resistance Tester

FR-3261 Mask Breathing Resistance Tester

The FR-3261 Mask Breathing Resistance Tester is used to determine the inspiratory and expiratory resistance of a mouthpiece under specified conditions.


【Conform to the standard

GB/T 32610-2016 GB2626【Instrument characteristics

1、High definition colour touch screen.

2、High precision imported differential pressure sensor.

3、Two high-precision imported digital flow meters, individually controlled breathing flow with high precision. 4、Two modes of expiratory detection and inspiratory detection can be set.

5、The respirator pipeline automatic switching device, to solve the test personnel testing when pulling out the tube, mistakenly take over the line of the problem. 6、Standard head mold, simulation of breathing pipeline.

Technical parameters

1, flowmeter range: 0 ~ 10OL/min, accuracy of 3% 2, digital differential pressure measurement range: 0 ~ 1000Pa, accuracy of 1Pa 3, pumping capacity: ≥ 100L/min.

4、Printer: micro thermal printer

5、Outline size: 675×600×1000mm6、Power supply: AC220V 50HZ 650W7、Weight: 50kg.