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Application of Textile UV Aging Chamber Technology

Application of Textile UV Aging Chamber Technology

In recent years, due to the continuous destruction of the atmospheric ozone layer, the total amount of ultraviolet radiation on the earth has gradually increased, and the proportion of ultraviolet rays in the middle band (UVB) has also been on the rise. Some injuries, such as skin aging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dark spots and even skin cancer, etc.

Textiles are the first layer of contact protection facilities for human beings and nature, and textiles with anti-ultraviolet properties are also attracting more and more attention. The UV resistance of textiles becomes especially important for identifying qualified products. At present, the inspection volume of UV-resistant textiles accepted by various inspection agencies is increasing. Accuracy, reliability and convenience of test results are important goals of laboratory quality control.

The UV Aging Chamber produced by QINSUN has been used by many testing institutions at home and abroad due to its rapid detection and high data repeatability, and has become a common UV resistance tester in laboratories.

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The UV Aging Chamber can quickly measure the transmittance of textile samples in the ultraviolet band of 250 - 450 nm, and obtain the UPF value, critical wavelength and UVA:UVB (long-wave ultraviolet:short-wave ultraviolet) ratio of the textile.

Common test standards:

Commonly used test standards are AATCC 183, EN 13758-1, AS/NZS 4399, GB/T 18830 and JIS L 1925, etc.

At present, there are roughly four ways to improve the anti-ultraviolet performance of textiles: one is to directly select fibers with better anti-ultraviolet performance as raw materials to produce textiles, such as linen and polyester fibers; the other is to change the organizational structure of fabrics, such as increasing the Thickness and density, etc.; the third is to add ceramic particles during fiber spinning to reflect ultraviolet rays to achieve the effect of anti-ultraviolet; the fourth is to perform anti-ultraviolet finishing on the fabric, such as padding the fabric with an ultraviolet absorber or blocker, or in The surface of the fabric is treated with anti-ultraviolet coating, etc.

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