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What are the characteristics of the single-arm power tester?

What are the characteristics of the single-arm power tester?

The single-arm strength tester is used to test the mechanical properties of light woven fabrics, light knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, medical protective clothing and mask straps, including tensile, tearing, peeling, elastic recovery, etc., and accepts customized functions.

Single-arm strength tester features.

1、Small range, high precision The equipment has multiple small range sensors with high precision, customers can choose according to their needs (12KG, 50KG, 100KG).

2, a variety of test standards The default configuration of the device a number of commonly used standards, the user can modify the existing standards or custom standards.

3, multi-functional equipment default configuration of commonly used functional modules, tensile, tearing, top breaking, peeling, etc., can also be customized according to customer needs.

4、Multiple sets of specimen clamps The equipment is equipped with a variety of specimen clamps, which can achieve a variety of functions of the test.

5、Menu type application software The software is divided into several modules according to the function, with simple interface and easy operation. The software is equipped with printing, export, curve real-time display and other functions.

6、Imported components Fast reaction speed, high control accuracy, providing unparalleled stability and accuracy.

Service areas.

Textile, garment, dyeing and finishing, wire and cable, automotive, aerospace, fashion design, fire safety

Applicable standards.

GB19082-2009 medical disposable protective clothing technical requirements 5.5 breaking strength, 5.6 breaking tensile elongation

GB/T3923.1-1997 fabric breaking strength and elongation at break determination of strip sample method

GB 2626-2019 respiratory protective equipment self-absorbing filtered anti-particulate respirator 6.11 headband, 6.12 connection and connecting parts

GB/T 32610-2016 Technical specification for daily protective masks

6.9 Mask band and the connection between the mask and mask body fracture strength 6.10 Exhalation valve cover fastness

YY 0469-2011 medical surgical masks 5.4.2 Mask straps

YY/T 0969-2013 single-use medical masks 4.4 mask with

GB 10213-2006 single-use rubber examination gloves 6.3 tensile properties

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