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What parameters do I need to look for when selecting a horizontal/vertical combustion meter?

What parameters do I need to look for when selecting a horizontal/vertical combustion meter?

A few days ago, an enterprise user sent a parameter of horizontal and vertical combustion meter, consulting whether there is a horizontal/vertical combustion meter to meet the requirements. This parameter makes Jonglei's sales really difficult, because the parameters provided by the user really can not see the real needs of customers. Today we take this as an example to do a little introduction: Selection of horizontal and vertical combustion meter need to look at what parameters.

UL94 Standard Horizontal and Vertical Flame Tester.jpg

Let's take a look at the parameters of the horizontal/vertical combustion meter provided by the user, details are as follows:

The following are the technical requirements of QINSUN's horizontal/vertical combustion meter, please pay attention to check!

1 Gas: industrial-grade methane, minimum purity of 98 percent

2 Air pressure: into the experimental chamber pressure (137 ~ 275) kpa

3 Power supply: 220V 50Hz 6A

4 Operating temperature: (13 ~ 30) ℃, relative humidity (25 ~ 75) %

5 Storage temperature: (10 ~ 43)℃, relative humidity (20 ~ 80)

6, the instrument with two Chinese manual

7, measuring instruments (measuring equipment) verification / calibration, should be in a qualified measuring organization. Measurement of the qualifications and capabilities of the institution, should be consistent with the "CNAS-CL06_2014 Traceability Requirements for Measurement Results" of the relevant provisions of the large-scale or combination of measuring instruments (measuring equipment) and high-precision measuring instruments (measuring equipment), in order to ensure its accuracy, should be installed in the place of checking / calibration

8, for insulation material combustion test detection

The first point belongs to the horizontal and vertical combustion instrument on the gas source requirements, and the instrument itself has nothing to do. Because it involves the user to use the late need to add gas and transportation issues, the test gas source are to be purchased in the user's local procurement, with the equipment itself to choose what type has little to do.

The second requirement is also the gas source, the pressure of the gas source is lower than (137~275) kpa this range, the gas can not be sprayed out.

The third point is about the use of equipment voltage, for the instruments used in mainland China, this requirement is equivalent to no requirement.

The fourth and fifth points of the use of temperature and storage temperature is the user to carry out horizontal and vertical combustion test laboratory environment requirements, and the instrument itself has nothing to do.

Sixth, the instrument is required to bring two Chinese manuals, which is not a problem for manufacturers, any manufacturer can meet.

Seventh is the requirement of the need to measure the equipment for testing, manufacturers to choose the appropriate qualification of the measurement unit can be sent to the inspection, also does not belong to the requirements of the instrument itself.

The eighth point of insulation material combustion test test is for the instrument itself, it is not quite clear what type of product customers need.

We explain below, the user should focus on what parameters in the requirements of horizontal and vertical combustion instrument.

The user's own production of what materials need to be tested on what materials is very clear, the first clear need for their own equipment standards for testing, clear standards, basically clear product model.