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Fabric Stiffness tester

Fabric Stiffness tester

The bending performance of the fabric is an important physical parameter that we study the properties of fabric, such as crisp, drape, and softness.
The instrument uses bending length (also known as overhanging stiffness) and bending stiffness (also called bending stiffness) Mechanical indicators to express "fabric resistance to its curved direction of the shape of the ability to change," collectively referred to as stiffness.
The instrument is suitable for cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber and other woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and general non-woven fabrics, coated fabrics and other textiles rigid and flexible test, but also for paper, leather, film and other flexible materials Of the rigid and flexible test.
Fabric Stiffness tester Applicable standards:
GB / T18318.1-2009 "Determination of the bending length of textile fabrics"
ZB W04003-87 "Fabric stiffness test method Slope cantilever method" Recommended use of the instrument.
Fabric Stiffness tester features:
With the infrared beam composition "stealth" detection slope, replacing the traditional tangible slope, to achieve non-contact detection, to overcome the twist due to the specimen is tilted up and affect the measurement accuracy of the problem. While making the measurement tilt adjustable.
The automatic detection system overcomes the shortcomings of the visualization and enhances the anti-jamming. Sample pressure plate automatic landing device to ensure that the pressure plate and sample positioning accuracy and consistency, improve work efficiency.
Fabric Stiffness tester Technical Parameters:
1. Instrument measurement angle: 41 ° 30 ', 43 °, 45 ° adjustable
2. Extension length range: 0.5cm-20cm (special requirements can be made in the order)
3. Numerical display resolution: 0.01cm
4. Measurement accuracy: ± 1%
5. Specimen specifications: 2.5cm × 20cm
6. Work platform specifications: 5cm × 20cm
7. Sample pressure plate specifications: 2.5cm × 20cm
8. Sample pressure plate speed: 0.3 ~ 0.5 cm / s (special requirements can be made at the time of order)
9. Rated power: 45W
10. Power: single-phase 220V 50Hz
11. Host volume: 425mm × 250mm × 380mm
12. Host Weight: 16.5Kg
Optional configuration:
1. Brand laser printer