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Electronic Twist Tester

Electronic Twist Tester

ASTM D1422/1423,BS 2085,DIN 53832,ISO 2061,IWTO 25-70,GB/T 2543.1-2001/2543.2-2001
The Electric Twist Tester is professionally designed for determining yarn twist in single or piled yarns. It is used to measure twist degree, twist irregularity, pilled yarn twist of cotton, wool, flax and chemical fiber. It is used for traditional or non-twist/retwist test. Test length can reach 50cm/20 inches  for S & Z twist yarns.
Product Information:
This instrument is composed of control box (digital display), tension mechanism,  yarn setting fame and so on. The rotation direction, rotation speed, start and stop control of the main engine solution twist clamp is controlled by the control box. The distance of the instrument can be adjusted, the tension of the test is exerted by the vertical needle lever, and the zero self - stop is acheived by the photoelectric sensor.

Technical Parameters:

1. Test method: direct counting method, one time untwist-retwist method, double untwist-retwist method, triple untwist-retwist method
2. Solution twist speed: 0~ 1600rpm, no grade adjustable;
3. Sample test length: 0~ 500mm, adjustable;
4. Extension range: 0~100mm(0-4 inches)
5. Number of twisting: 1~9999;
6. Rotation of solution twist clamp: positive and reverse rotation;
7. Transmission mode: single motor belt transmission;
8. Accuracy: 1 bit (counter), plus or minus 0.5mm (zero);
9. External dimensions: 1070 x 300 x 290mm(L * W * H);
10. Weight: 16kg(36lb);
11. Power: 100~240V 50Hz/ 60Hz.