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AATCC Viewing Board

AATCC Viewing Board

AATCC Viewing Board:
VeriVide has long been known throughout the textile and apparel industries as the specialist for any requirement in the field of colour assessment technology. Complimenting this, VeriVide’s textile testing equipment enables quality control technologists to assess and evaluate surface appearance.

American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorist (AATCC) approved test methods 88B/88C/124/128/143/178.

Product Information:
1. Utilises a standard lighting and viewing area for rating the appearance of samples compared to appropriate reference standards.
2. Uses either 2400mm (8ft) or 1200 (4ft) Cool White lamps (as per section 12.4 of certain AATCC test methods).
3. Can be either wall mounted or used on a mobile trolley.

Standard size:
Available in 2 standard sizes:
1, Specifications: 40 "× 45.25"
2, Specifications: 52 "× 45.25"

Technical Parameters:
Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth Footprint
Overall (Wall Mounted) 1830 1830 270  
Overall (Mobile) 1940 2445 1360 1140 x 1930
Viewing Area 1830 1830 270