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UL94 Horizontal-Vertical Flame Chamber

UL94 Horizontal-Vertical Flame Chamber

UL94 Horizontal-Vertical Flame Chamber is to simulate the early situation of a fire around the electrical environment .By simulating the actual situation, the tester can assess the material fire risk, product resistance to ignition and safety characteristic of  no flame spread . Horizontal and vertical combustibility tester  can test material’s burning performance, burning rate, flame spread, combustion strength and product flame resistance properties.
UL94 Horizontal-Vertical Flame Chamber is mainly used for measuring the burning performance of plastic, rubber or film at a predetermined fire source, to determine its fire resistance rating. It can be applied not only for the research, production and quality control departments of lighting, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, electrical machine, tools, instruments as well as electrical connections and other electrical and electronic plastic or rubber products and component parts, but also for the type approval of insulation, plastic , fire blocking material or other solid combustible materials industry.
◆ The ultra - large transparent observation window makes it easy to observe the burning state of the specimen;
◆ Humanized design of the door opening way. It is an easy way to touch the sample and burner;
◆ PLC touch screen control is easy to set parameters;
◆ Different test methods modular is easy to operate;
UL94  Test for flammability of plastic materials for parts in devices and appliances
ISO 1210 Plastics -- Determination of the burning behaviour of horizontal and vertical specimen
GB/T2408-2008/IEC60695-11-10:1999 Plastics-Determination of burning characteristics- Horizontal and vertical test
GB/T 5169.16-2008/IEC 60695-11-10 :2003/ASTM D635 Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products. Part 16:Test flames. 50W horizontal and vertical flame test methods
GB/T 8332-2008/ISO 9772-2001/ASTM D 4986 Test method for flammability of cellular plastic-Horizonal burning method
ASTM  D4804 /ISO 9773  Standard test method for determining the flammability characteristics of non-rigid solid plastics
Base unit
F241G Calibration copper
F241G01 Cotton tray
233G02 HB Support Fixture
Optional parts
F241H Foam Support Fixture
F241G03 Support-Gauze
F241G04 Burner Wing Tip meets the requirements of ASTM D4986 standard
F241G05 Specimen Mandrel Form
Technical Parameters:
Items Parameters
Inter Size 850mm×600mm×1000mm
Vent (above) Φ135mm×85mm
Burning angle 45 °,90 ° (0 °) Adjustable
The specimen holder can be moved horizontally vertically
Flame time 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s optional
Combustion timer Timer (accurate to 0.1s)
Burner Length 100 ±10 mm, Inner diameter 9.5 ±mm 0.3, ASTM D 5025
Outline size  1200mm * 620mm * 1300mm
Weight 90kg
Power supply 220V, 50Hz