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Several Hazards To Oxygen Index Test

Several Hazards To Oxygen Index Test

The Limiting Oxygen Index  Test  apparatus holds a small specimen of material which is clamped vertically in a tube in an atmosphere where the relative concentration of oxygen and nitrogen can be changed. The aim is to test the flammability of the sample with a small pilot flame to find the minimum oxygen concentration required to just sustain combustion of the sample. To automatically determine the minimum quantity of oxygen required for combustion. 

The apparatus determines the flammability 
characteristics of the materials used in the production of electric cables. The oxygen percentage is detected by a paramagnetic transducer , and the combustion occurs inside the glass column. The operator is fixing only the O2 ratio, while the N2 flux is kept constant by proportional valve of the electronic system. Two units separated, one to check the measurements and one to feed oxygen and nitrogen to the column where the testing sample is placed.

Safety shall have precedence over all activities.Because of the nature of testing with flammable materials, the testing system involves several hazards to the operator and facility. 
These include:
Potential touch temperature risks from hot surfaces
Burning materials in air or oxygen-enriched environments
Pressurized nitrogen and oxygen supply systems
Electrical load and other ignition sources applied in air, oxygen-enriched environments, and combustible by-products
Flammable and dangerous liquid solvents
Electrical valves, power supplies, switches, and other components Oxygen deficiency.