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Full Automatic Spring Pulling and Compression Tester

Full Automatic Spring Pulling and Compression Tester

The single arm digital display spring tension and compression tester is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of small spiral springs, tension springs, compression springs, leaf coy, cylindrical springs such as tensile, compression, stiffness, displacement and other tests. It also tests the tensile strength of elastic components in the fields of aviation and aerospace, military firearms, automotive parts, scientific research laboratories, etc.


ZCTL-Z100N, 200N, 300N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N, 3000N, 5000N

Control type:

Automatic digital display (touch screen), keypad type

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Product features:

Resolving force: the smallest difference in the indicated value that can be effectively distinguished by the testing machine Peak load: the maximum force applied to the specimen during the test

Spring free length (height): the length of the spring when no external force is applied to the ends of the extension or compression spring.

The amount of deformation: the relative displacement of the spring along the direction of action of the load, the height of its deformation (free height

-remaining height), expressed in AH.

Spring stiffness: the load or torque required to produce a unit length (angular) deformation of the spring, K =

(F2 - F1 / (H2 - H1) unit with N / mm.

Spring Flexibility: The unit length of deformation required to produce a unit load or torque on the spring,

K= (H2-H1)/(F2-F1) units in mm/N.

Average stiffness: the average of the segmental stiffness of the spring

Average Flexibility: The average of the segmental flexibilities of a spring.

The spring tension and compression testers described below are based on the following standards:

JB/T 7796-2017《spring pulling and pressing tester》standard

JIS B7738-2001 Japanese "Compression and Tension Coil Spring Testing Machine" technical requirements specified in the production, JJF1134-2005 "Calibration specification for special work force measuring machines" calibration.