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Durable Ozone ageing test chamber

Durable Ozone ageing test chamber

Main features of the ozone ageing tester:

The ozone gas generated by the silent high-efficiency ozone generator, and a certain amount of treated air, mixed in the exchanger and sent into the test chamber, the UV detector will continuously detect the ozone concentration online, feedback to the ozone generator control system, so that the control system according to the set value of effective control of ozone generation, so that the test chamber to maintain the appropriate ozone concentration, in by the heating and humidification system work to meet all test conditions.

Durable Ozone ageing test chamber

Ozone ageing test chamber design standards:

Standards: JIS K 6259 ASTM1149 ASTM1171 ISO1431 DIN53509 GB/T13642 GB 2951 (test method for ozone resistance of electric wires and cables) and GB/T 7762-2003 (static tensile test for vulcanised rubber or thermoplastic rubber_ozone cracking resistance).

Ozone aging test chamber main technical parameters:

1、Model number:TST-E801

2, ozone concentration range: 5 ~ 200pphm adjustable 100 ~ 1000pphm adjustable

3、Humidity range: standard model does not include humidity environment, if you want to increase, need to negotiate


5、Ozone generation method: Ozone generator or UV absorption method

6、Air speed inside the chamber: over 2 feet/sec

7、Ozone concentration fluctuation: 10%

8、Volume inside the box:500×500×600mm

9、Air flow into the room: A. 0-6 cfm; B. 10-20 cfh

10、Ozone concentration fluctuation: 10%


12、Electricity source:1∮,AC220V,15A

13、Accessories: 6 sets of static tensile jigs

Ozone aging test chamber application industry:

Widely used in measurement and quality inspection; rubber and plastic; automobile production; wire and cable; packaging materials; instrumentation; medical equipment; civil nuclear energy; civil aviation; colleges and universities; scientific research laboratories; commercial arbitration, technical supervision departments and other rubber printing products for quality testing.