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Water Vapour Permeability Testing Apparatus

Water Vapour Permeability Testing Apparatus

Water Vapour Permeability Testing Apparatus Standards: JIS L1099, ASTM E96/E96M, GB/T 12704

Water Vapour Permeability Testing Apparatus is an environmental tester suitable to water vapour permeability test of determination for impermeability, water vapour permeability, air permeability of sport suit, especially skiing and mountaineering sportswear.

Product Information:
The permeability content means the vapour capacity given off from inside to outside of clothes, for perspiration due to difference with outside air in temperature and vapour.
Put the sample in the moisture cup certain time at tank in steady state. Date out the vapour capacity by the difference weight of anhydrous calcium chloride.?
Inside of the tester, there are two sections of rotary sample stand. Accordingly there are two fans, to blow the sample parallelly, the speed can change.
The tester is also suitable to the water vapour packaging materials.

Water Vapour Permeability Testing Apparatus Parameters:
1.Temperature range: 20~60 ℃;
2.Moisture range: 40~95% (no load);
3.Temperature accuracy: ±0.5 ℃ (no load);
4.Humidity accuracy: ±3% (no load);
5.Freezer: air-cooled airtight compress;
6.Cooler: finned type;
7.Humidifier: Pot-type (with vacuum firing guard);
8.Heater: finned radiator (with over guard );
9.Fan:2 sets (up and down);.
10.Wind speed range:0.5~1.5 m/s;
11.Rotary stand:2 sections (270mmφ);
12.Indoor dimension: W400×D360×H500mm approx;
13.Power source:AC 220V 50Hz;
14.Outside size: W1100×D550×H1470mm approx.