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How to Use a leather cutting tester?

How to Use a leather cutting tester?

A leather cutting tester is a device used to determine the cutting properties of leather materials. Here are the steps to properly use a leather cutting tester:


1. Preparation: Ensure that the leather sample to be tested is clean, dry, and free of any defects or damage. Cut a suitable-sized sample for the testing machine.

2. Position the sample: Place the leather sample on the testing platform of the device. Ensure that the sample is properly aligned and placed with the cutting blade.

3. Adjust cutting parameters: Set the appropriate cutting parameters, such as blade dimension and cutting speed, according to the testing standards or requirements.

4. Start the test: Press the start button to initiate the cutting process. The blade will move forward and cut through the leather sample. The force required to cut through the leather will be recorded by the device's sensor.

5. Record the results: After completing the test, note the force required to cut through the leather sample from the digital display or readout. Record the value and other relevant information, such as testing conditions and standards.

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6. Analysis of results: Analyze the results by comparing them with the acceptable range or standards. If the results fall outside the required range, investigate the cause of any discrepancies in the testing parameters, sample preparation, or device condition.

7. Maintenance: Clean and maintain the cutting blade and device after use. Regularly calibrate the device to ensure accurate and consistent results.

In conclusion, to properly use a leather cutting tester, you need to prepare your sample, set the appropriate cutting parameters, start the test, and accurately record the results. Analyze the results to identify any issues, and maintain the device for optimal performance.