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How to operate the Manual Friction Color Fastness Tester?

How to operate the Manual Friction Color Fastness Tester?

The manual friction Color Fastness Tester is operated as follows.

Specimen preparation

1. The specimen and the standard rubbing small white cloth should be humidified in a constant temperature and humidity environment.

2. When the specimen has a variety of colors, should make all the colors are rubbed to.

3. If the area of various colors is large enough, the sample must be taken separately.

4. Cut the specimen and do dry rubbing and wet rubbing respectively, should ensure that the rubbing to all colors.

5. If the front and back of the sample is made of different materials, colors, front and back to do friction color fastness test.

6. Do dry and wet friction fastness should not be repeated in the same part of the specimen.

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Dry rubbing

1. The specimen will be laid flat on the friction instrument with sandpaper, so that the length of the specimen direction and the direction of the dynamic range of the instrument and fix the specimen in the pressure plate, the clamp sample should be flat.

2. The standard friction small white cloth fixed in the friction head, with a spring clip clamping, the friction head lightly onto the specimen;

3. should ensure that the friction specimen without sliding or wrinkling;

4. motor at a rate of once per second to shake the friction arm 10 turns, so that the friction arm back and forth friction 20 times;

5. Remove the standard friction small white cloth, rating.

Wet rubbing

1. Completely wet the standard friction cloth in distilled water;

2. Remove and squeeze the cloth in the filter paper, so that it has a certain rate of moisture content;

3. The rest of the steps are the same as the dry rubbing steps above;

Result processing

1. Before grading, use transparent adhesive to gently stick away the loose lint on the rubbing white cloth.

2. Use three layers of unused rubbing white cloth under the rubbing white cloth to be evaluated, and evaluate the rubbing white cloth's staining grade with reference to the standard staining gray card.

Test report

1. Report the standard method

2. Report the dry rubbing and wet rubbing results respectively.

3. If the specimen is pretreated or post-treated, report the treatment method.