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The xenon lamp ageing tester can simulate the effect of sunlight very well

The xenon lamp ageing tester can simulate the effect of sunlight very well

The xenon lamp ageing tester is used for light and weather fastness and light ageing experiments on various coloured textiles, leather, artificial leather, plastics and other coloured materials. By setting parameters such as light intensity, temperature, humidity and spraying in the test chamber, it provides the simulated natural conditions required for the experiment to test the light and weather fastness performance of coloured textiles and dyes; it has multi-point adjustment functions such as online control of light intensity; automatic monitoring and compensation of light energy; temperature feed-back control; and blackboard temperature circuit control. Conforms to American, European and standards.

Working principle is the temperature and humidity environment climate plus light aging after doing a comprehensive weathering performance test equipment, xenon lamp than ultraviolet light simulation conditions more surface, it simulates the spectrum, especially suitable for some automotive interiors and paint products, and the need to meet the European and American standards for product testing generally use xenon lamp.

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Sunlight is a major factor in the degradation of many materials, including plastics, textiles, paints and other organic materials. The types of degradation, such as degradation of physical properties, chalking, cracking, peeling, fading and colour changes are related to the sensitivity and spectrum of the material, with each material responding differently to the spectrum. For durable materials, such as most coatings and plastics, short-wave UV is the main cause of polymer ageing. However, for materials that are not particularly durable, such as many dyes and pigments, long-wave UV and even short-wave visible light, are the main contributors to their destruction.

The main contributors to material ageing are sunlight and humidity. The xenon lamp ageing tester simulates the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. The instrument uses a xenon lamp to simulate the effects of sunlight and condensation moisture to simulate rain and dew. The material under test is placed in a cyclic program of alternating light and moisture at a temperature that reproduces the damage that occurs outdoors for months or even years in a matter of days or weeks. The instrument's test data can assist in the selection of new materials, the modification of existing materials and the evaluation of how changes in formulation affect the durability of products.