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Detailed introduction of ICI Pilling Testing Machine

Detailed introduction of ICI Pilling Testing Machine

ICI Pilling Testing Machine is also called ICI Pilling Tester, ICI Friction Pilling Tester, Fabric Friction Pilling Tester, Fabric Fast Friction Pilling Tester, Fabric Anti-friction Pilling Tester, model is LT-2076, brand: Yuyang Instruments, classification: fabric and textile testing instruments...

ICI Pilling Testing Machine

Product description: Use rapid detection to simulate the situation of fabric fluffing within a certain period of time under normal wearing conditions.

According to the standard: bs5811m & sp18, p18a, p18b, p21aiso12945-1

ICI Pilling Testing Machine.jpg


Work station: 2 heads/4 heads

Speed: (60±2)rpm

Control mode: single-chip control, LCD display LED

Test box size: 235×235×235mm

Sampling template: 125×125mm

Dimensions: 875×430×350mm (l×w×h)

Weight: about 45kg


1. 1 host;

2. 1 set of pu solid sample tubes (4 pcs/set);

3. 1 set of standard picture cards

4. Product operating instructions;

5. Product warranty card;

6. Factory certificate;

7. Metrology certificate.

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