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What are the main parameters of Taber Rotary Abraser?

What are the main parameters of Taber Rotary Abraser?

Taber Rotary Abraser is suitable for abrasion resistance test of leather, cloth, paint, paper, floor tile, plywood, glass, plastic floor, natural rubber and other materials. Use a standard cutter to cut the sample and specify the model. Sandpaper, load a certain weight to wear, take out the test piece after the specified number of revolutions, and observe the condition of the test piece.

Main parameters of Taber Rotary Abraser:

1. Display mode: LCD display, stepless speed regulation;

2. Test piece: outer diameter φ108mm, inner diameter φ6mm;

3. Grinding wheel: φ2″(MAX.52mm)1/2″(W);

4. Wheel center spacing: 63.5mm;

5. The distance between the center of the grinding wheel and the test disc: 37~38mm;

6. Rotation speed: 60/72 rpm;

7. Load: 250g, 750g, 1000g;

8. Counter: LCD liquid crystal display, 0~999999, automatic shutdown;

9. The distance between the test piece and the vacuum cleaner: 3mm;

0. Power supply: 1∮, AC220V, 50HZ.

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