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Taber Rotary Abraser operating procedures and common faults

Taber Rotary Abraser operating procedures and common faults

Taber Rotary Abraser mainly uses different types of friction wheels to rotate on the sample to test the wear resistance of leather, plastic and other materials by means of rotary grinding.

Operating Specifications:

1. Connect the appropriate power supply 220V or 110V according to the label;

2. Adjust the switch of the governor to the lowest level to avoid excessive speed and cause abnormality of the machine;

3. Turn on the power, test the machine first, and turn off the power if there is no abnormality;

4. Press the reset key to reset the counter to zero. Set the number of tests required according to the requirements, and the counter can be set up to 99999999 times;

Taber Rotary Abraser operating procedures and common faults(图1)

5. Press the start button, the whole machine will enter the test state;

6. Adjust the governor to adjust the speed to the required test speed;

7. Turn on the power switch of the vacuum cleaner to make it work;

8. After the test reaches the set times of the counter, the machine automatically stops and is in a standby state;

9. Turn off the power, remove the sample, and clean the machine.

Taber Rotary Abraser common faults:

1. If there is no display when the power is turned on, it means that the power supply is not connected or the power indicator is damaged. If the power indicator is damaged, replace the indicator. If there is no power output at the power output terminal, please check the power cord or power socket.

2. If the power is turned on, the power indicator has an indication, and the machine does not work by pressing the start button, please check whether the relay is disconnected or disconnected. If it is disconnected or disconnected, please connect it in time. If the relay is not disconnected , indicating that the relay is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

3. After the test reaches the number of times set by the counter, the motor still does not stop working, indicating that (1) the counter is damaged; (2) the counter is not cleared after the set number of times.

4. If the power indicator is on and the counter does not display, it means that the counter is damaged, and the counter needs to be replaced.

Maintenance matters:

1. The instrument must be placed on a stable ground before use;

2. It is not allowed to mess with the machine during use;

3. Select the corresponding power supply voltage, do not be too high to avoid burning the device;

4. When the instrument is abnormal, please contact our company to deal with it in time;

5. There must be a good ventilation environment when the machine is working;

6. For each component of the button machine, due to the large operating load, please add lubricating oil to the mechanical part in time;

7. After each test, clean the machine and keep the machine clean.

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